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On 20 April 2017 the Australian Government announced that it would be strengthening the requirements to become an Australian citizen.  This included increasing the general residence requirement, which means you will need to demonstrate a minimum of four years of permanent residence immediately prior to your application for citizenship.

Although the government has been proposing changes to the Australian citizenship laws, these are all subject to the passage of legislation. Any changes if they come into effect may be applied retrospectively from the 1st July 2018. These proposed changes have stricter residency and English requirements than what is detailed here.

Under some circumstances you might be eligible to apply for a variation to the residence requirement  or be eligible under the special residence requirement.

Eligibility requirements:

  • In the 4 years prior to your Australian citizenship application you can only have been outside of Australia for a maximum total period of 1 year, with a maximum of 90 days absent from Australia in the last 12 months of the last 4 year period *(exceptions available for certain occupations).
  • You must also have been an Australian Permanent Resident for at least the last one (1) year period before applying.

You can also include children under 16 years of age in your citizenship application if they are permanent residents.

  • Children under 16 years of age are not required to meet the residence requirements.

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